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Western countries and their two-faced policies

As a person from Turkey, I have known West's two-faced policies and selfish attitudes very well for a long time. They do not have to prove that I'm right all the time, but sadly, they do prove again and again. 

During the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, western media, western politicians and western intellectuals critised the Turkish government heavily. They constantly repeated that the Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is becoming authoritarian and the democracy in Turkey is in danger. Their “number 1” argument for this claim was the police violence against so called “peaceful protestors”. They also used the people who died or injured during the protests as a proof to show the level of this violence.

First of all there are 5 people died during the protests and one them is a police officer. Out of the remaining 4, only one is confirmed to be killed by a police officer accidentaly. The video in slow motion shows the incident. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBpcVlCEImw It is clear that the police had no intention to kill the person. The policeman was alone in the situaiton and scared. He wanted to shoot in the air 3 times as a precaution, as the police can do under certain circumstances. The 3rd shoot accidentaly killed the protestor. The remaining 3 protestors were not killed by the police, at least there is no confirmed information about this yet. Even the protestors do not claim that these people were all killed by the police. So it is really a shame for the western media to show all these deaths were caused by the police. They also never talk about the police who died during the protests. This also clearly shows how sincere they are in their journalism. 

Western sources also show the number of people who were injured during the protests as ~8000. When you ask them from where they got this information, they show “Turkish Medical Association" as the source. But western media knows that this association is a socialist-leftist, anti-government association and they supported the protests very openly and actively. So how can one think that this information is true, objective and not biased? There is no offical record that ~8000 people are injured during the protests. If "Turkish Medical Association" has an offical number and record, they should openly declare those people with their injury types, their names and the hospitals they were treated. Because the hospital records do not verify this number. This information is totally wrong and became a false propaganda material. Sadly the western media jumped onto this false information and used it without investigating its validity.

One can definitely criticize the way how the protests were handled in Turkey. Even the government promised to investigate the police violence and the mistakes done while handling the issue. But if someone tries to reach to a conclusion of “PM Erdogan is a fascist and he became a dictator”, then this becomes something different than a sincere criticism. This is what has been done by the west to discredit the PM and his government since the beginning of the protests and this is really annoying.

In the last 5-6 years, Turkey disturbed the global powers of the west in many different areas from politics to economics. Under the rule of Akparti and PM Erdoğan, Turkey solved many internal issues and made great achievements in economy, democracy and EU reforms. Although these achievements were great for Turkish people (PM Erdoğan got %50 of the votes in the last election as a result of these achievements, while the closest opponent got %26) western powers started to think that such a powerful Turkey would cause them serious problems in the region and also in the world. But Erdoğan was so powerful in Turkey that they had no chance other than maintaining the relations. For the first time ever, they found the chance to get rid of him during the Gezi Park protests and wanted to use this chance.

During the protests in Brazil more than 10 people died and many of them died because of the police violance. But we did not see any harsh critics about Brazil or western intellectuals calling the Brazilian president to resign. People even do not know how many people really died in Brazil. Because the media coverage is limited. But same western media broadcasted the Turkish protests live for 8 hours non-stop and made many interviews and talkshows with the Turkish protestors. The newspapers and news websites were full of biased and false criticism about the government of Turkey. They only showed one sided opinions and did not take general public opinion into account. The purpose was so clear: to get rid of Erdoğan by discrediting him and supporting the protestors and if that would not be possible to prevent him being the first president of Turkey in the next elections. Because Erdoğan is on its way to change the constitution with a much more democratic one and also to bring the presidential system to Turkey. If he can do that, this will definitely solve the traditional political instability issue in Turkey.

At this point western powers are scared of another term of Erdoğan rule in Turkey. So they are trying to do as much as they can do to prevent this happening. The western intellectuals and their orientalist mindset helped quite a lot to the western powers too.

There are hundreds of people dying each day in Egypt and Syria. But the western media who broadcasted the protests live from Turkey for many hours is trying to skip the incidents in these countries with simple, ordinary, low-profile news. General Sisi is killing hundreds in Egypt everyday but the western politicians and intellectuals still cannot call him a dictator or a coup leader while they were doing it so easily and willingly for PM Erdoğan. If west has a profit, a real dictator and fascist can easily become a legitimate leader, and a real legitimate leader can easily become a dictator and fascist. The west did not tolerate Erdoğan as much as they tolarated the real dictator General Sisi. I am personally sick of these two-faced policies of the west as many others. 

Nowadays you can see many critics about the freedom of press in Turkey. But what about the freedom of press in the west? The western media is serving their governments very well in almost any international issue. While critising the police violance in Turkey, they never talk about the police violence in the west. One can find many videos, pictures … on internet from different protests in the west showing examples of police violance. But these videos, news cannot find a decent place in the western mainstream media. The western media is not free too. I think the western governments are doing this just more cleverly than the Turkish government, this is the only difference.

Over 2 million people attended the protests in Turkey. West has not seen this big mass protests for such a long time. Even the London riots were dominated by few thousands of people. So comparing some of the protests in the west and in Turkey is not fair. There were many vandals and looters in the protesters. The situation was really difficult and although we can still critisize the police violence, most of the police actions were tolerable regarding the size of the protests. We haven’t seen such an example in the west, if we would see one day, we can make a fair comparison in terms of police violance.

Western powers could not succeed what they wanted to succeed in Turkey so far. But I’m sure they will not stop, this is the only way for them to stay as strong powers in the world, at least this is what they think.

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